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Hi guys- as part of my “Empties” series, I thought I’d share some info about Japonesque Blush Cleanser- I really enjoy trying brush cleaning products because makeup brushes are an obsession of mine and I’m always looking for great products to clean them with. For washing brushes, I love my Sigma Glove and Savon De Marseille soap, but I also need a daily spray that I can use to sanitize and clean the bristle tips with.

Nothing is going to be as effective as the cleansers that are used to wash brushes with water. Soap and water really gets down into the yuck and removes ALL residue. Daily sprays are meant for convenience- you can give a brush a quick once over to sanitize it, remove product and dry it quickly for reuse.
One of the things I’ve noticed about Japonesque Brush Cleanser reviews is that a lot of people rate it low or claim it doesn’t work at all when it is, in fact, being misused. This is not a cleanser for washing brushes and it’s not meant to be used with water. The directions on the back of the bottle have pretty clear directions for use….that being said, the product name is probably misleading!

As a daily spray, used correctly, I find that Japonesque Brush Cleanser does its job….mostly. It DOES take quite a few sprays to really remove a lot of product. I blasted through this 4.25 ounce bottle like nobody’s business. Powder products are definitely easier to clean off the brushes- I noticed a slight stain remained with both liquid blush and foundation. The scent is light and medicinal, think lemon hand sanitizer, and the texture is very slightly oily. Brushes take a bit longer to dry because of the bristle softening properties this brush cleanser contains.

If you’re on the market for a quick, simple daily spray that’s going to be used infrequently, this might be great for you. On the other hand, at $14.00, MAC daily brush cleanser comes in a container almost twice the size for $2.00 more, and works a bit better, imo.