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Hi guys- loose powders that blend multiple colors for the correct shade is by no means a new thing….that doesn’t mean these products are to be overlooked though! Makeup trends come and go, but an even, matte skin tone with a radiant finish never ever goes out of style.

Prisme Libre loose powder comes in 5 shades and their descriptions are as follows:

Mousseline Pastel: Delivers a natural-looking, opal effect
Taffetas Beige: Imparts a natural-looking, opal effect
Organza Caramel: Features a tanned effect
Satin Blanc: Provides a soft, illuminated glow
Voile Rosé: Gives a radiant effect

This review features Satin Blanc….onward!

Satin Blanc features 4 small cubes- each containing 3 gram of product. Shade #1- a fair beige, Shade #2- medium warm beige with slightly more orange undertone, Shade #3- a light/medium cool beige, Shade #4- a fine white powder with the smallest, sparest microshimmers imaginable in it.
The texture and feel of this product on the skin is kind of like an already ground up version of Guerlain’s Meterorite pearls, with less glow to it. Because the powder is loose, it’s a bit easier to control application- getting just a much or as little as you need.

What I was really impressed with was the long wear this had without anything else on my face. We all have those lazy days where we want to give our skin a rest and this is the perfect item for those times. On a bare face, it zapped my shine, even out my skin tone and dulled the appearance of pesky red spots without sinking in and making my pores look huge. The tiny little micros are just present enough to look like a natural glow. With a slick of primer or tinted sunscreen underneath, the effects are even better. Product is scented with a light, fresh floral and baby powder- not too over powering but noticeable.

I was not so sure about instructions recommending the use of the small satin terry puff that comes with, but it actually worked great! Place it inside, snap the lid on, flip over, tap once or twice, flip upright and remove the lid- there you have it, the perfect amount of powder. Good on Givenchy for not instructing buyers to use more than they need to try and get more frequent replenishing purchases….at .42 ounces, this product will last a while.

Givenchy Prisme Libre loose powders are available at Sephora for $55.00 US HERE