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I began using retinol products a number of years ago to improve my skin and help slow its aging process. I currently am in love with Paula’s Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment, but have tried DOZENS of different serums and moisturizers containing (or CLAIMING to contain) retinol. This is one of them.

First some facts-

Foxbrim Complete Retinol Serum is a full size 1 oz. glass bottle with dark brown semitransparent glass. It also contains a glass dropper dispenser. The serum can be applied alone or underneath a moisturizer and a sunscreen with adequate SPF is recommended after use (retinol can cause sun sensitivity).
Onward to the review-

Foxbrim’s Complete Retinol Serum is said by the brand to use “the strength of 2.5% retinol (Vitamin A) combined with natural moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, aloe, jojoba and green Tea extracts to help erase signs of aging, renew damaged skin and revitalize elasticity”.
There are a few things I liked about this product and a few I didn’t.


-product lasted a long time and I only needed a small amount to cover entire face and neck
-product was just about odorless, which I appreciate in my skincare stuff
-Price was great! 17.95 US for 1 fl oz.
-product felt nice upon application and was quick drying

-I saw no visible improvement after months of use. This is a MAJOR con, but you do have to consider that this product may work better at preventing damage than repairing it.
-this retinol serum had just about the consistency of water, which made me question wether it had retinol in it at all.
-Retinol is known to be extremely sensitive to light and oxygen. Each time you open the lid on the tub or unscrew the cap, you are exposing the product to both those elements and the chemical loses its effectiveness. So….this bottle was see through, meaning light got in….strike 1. And EVERY. TIME. I opened the bottle I exposed the entire contents to oxygen….strike 2.
– and for strike 3….my skin did not behave or react like it had with any retinol product I’d used before. NORMALLY, when I begin using a retinol product, my skin gets slightly irritated and tight and I slowly have to build up to use the product at full strength….that might sound harsh, but that’s actually how I know the active ingredient in it is,in fact, Retinol. My skin had no reaction what so ever.

Well….there you have it. Not buying again.