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French Designer Thierry Mugler* has built his label on the avant garde- think futuristic robot Gaga science fiction stuff- so it’s no surprise that all his fragrances, including Alien carry a few essential elements: They are UNIQUE, INTENSE and INTOXICATING.

I can no longer remember what it was specifically that drew me to Alien, but I do know that I can smell 400 fragrances in a single day and still be able to pick this one out of a crowd. Absolutely NONE of your typical descriptive scent words apply to Alien- I can’t really peg it as standalone floral, fruity, musky, spicy or woodsy- none of these words seem to fit quite right, so let me take a crack at describing it another way…

Alien has a listed top note of Arabian Jasmine and there is a floral scent that you are initially taken in by, but it’s not easily recognizable as Jasmine. I can best explain it by calling it more of an exotic blend and heady than a sweet/fresh floral like roses or lilies.

The top note then blends perfectly with its combination amber/woodsy middle notes. Woodsy though, in my opinion isn’t quite right- Alien doesn’t have the bite and clarity of truly woodsy perfumes- this scent is instead deep and rich and dark, and its middle notes remind me of frankincense, smoke and cypress (dry woods) as opposed to other more common “woodsy” factors.

This is one of my favorite aspects of Alien- it is both masculine and feminine, which is why it immediately strikes me as a mysterious scent and has an ALMOST overpoweringly sensual allure.

Base note for me is the oriental/cashmere combo – it’s soft and hard at the same time, retaining an enveloping warm amber tone, yet keeping its stand- offish spice.

I think there is a basic olfactory misconception that Alien is a linear scent- straight up jasmine, straight up vanilla, straight up powdery…I’ve heard it all. None of these things are true. Alien has so much individuality in the fragrance world that I think people can sometimes get…nose confused? Lol.

Anyway, this fragrance is long-wearing and the sillage game is STRONG with this one- VERY strong. Don’t wear this to blend in or be forgotten. This scent will stay in a room or linger in someone’s head long after you’ve gone which I think, in part, is due to the uniqueness of the fragrance, not as much its longevity. Works best on me in cooler weather and I am probably going to repurchase this at some point in my life.

Alien is $82.00 U.S. for 1 fl oz. Check it out HERE.

*for pronunciation nerds, his name sounds like: “Teeair-ree Moo-glur”