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Hi guys! Let’s talk brushes for a quick sec- I pretty much have 2 classes of brushes in my collection- there are the gorgeous to look at, okay performance-wise brushes that I just love to have around for a quick fix or just for show, and then there are the serious brushes- highly functional and really get the job done. Sigma brushes fall into the latter of these two categories. I’ve had a few in my brush collection that I’ve been really impressed with, so on a recent trip to Minneapolis, I went ahead and bought my first Sigma kit @ the Mall of America store.

ONWARD, to the review-

The Perfect Blend kit is a complete 6 brush set, all ranging in size from medium to large and all featuring Sigma’s SigmaTech fibers- the brands patent made synthetic hairs that they claim will outlast and outdo any and all-natural bristle brushes. The durability is definitely there with these fibers. My favorite aspect of these fibers is that they’ve been made to not absorb any of the product- which makes the bristles last longer and makes them easier to clean. The brushes are also anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty-fee.

Brushes included are:

E32- EXACT BLEND BRUSH– this one is the smallest of the group, measuring only about 10 mm from base of the bristles to tip. The bristles are relatively flat and short, the head being about the same width as the bristles are long. The tip is very slightly rounded off along the sides, making this brush blunt and dense. It’s best for packing color into the outer corner of eyes.

– this is a nice, multi-function brush with a similar bristle feel to the E32. The medium length bristles measure about 17 mm and the base of the head is slightly tapered, meaning the tip bushes out a tad. Fibers are packed in looser than the E32 and the wood shaft itself is a bit narrower and rounder than the E32, making this brush perfect for blending powders into smaller areas.

E37- ALL OVER BLEND BRUSH– Fibers on this brush are a stiffer and denser than the E38. The bristles measure about 15 mm and the tip has an almost blunt end to it, but not quite. In my opinion, these bristles behave more like natural fibers than any of the other brushes. The shaft is the thickest and roundest of all the brushes- paired with the firm bristles, this brush is great for all over blending and general clean up duty around the eye area.

– There’s a handy blunt angle on the tip of this brush and bristle density is most like the E38- softer and more flexible. The shaft is round and fibers measure about 11 mm at the base of the angle, and about 15 at the tip, giving you an idea of the degree. The shape and texture make it most suitable for blending at the brow bone and in the corners of your eyes.

– super smooth and soft synthetic feel to this one. It also has the longest bristles of the bunch (27 mm) and the narrowest head, definitely designating it for precision work in the crease or at the lashes. The pointed head is fine tipped enough and the fibers are just stiff enough to pick up powder products to use on upper or lower lash lines. Love this one, mainly because they nailed the weight ratio. Despite its size, it feels really light and well balanced. It has an elegant feel to it.

– A shorter bristled, denser and stiffer version of the E38- same roundness the shaft, same slight dome shape to head without the very minimal bushing at the tip. This is the one brush I feel like I could live without, because it seems like the E32 and E38 could cover the jobs this brush does….that being said though, this is a wonderful, all purpose kind of brush. Fibers measure about 14 mm at the tip and like the E37 and E38, is very slightly domed. Great brush for spot specific buffing.

I can’t say enough good things about the quality of Sigma brushes- the handles are very well made and sturdy and I’ve experienced little to no shedding and high durability. In the world of professional makeup brushes, the Sigma price point is quite reasonable compared to most.

Bonus: 2 Year Warranty.

The Sigma Perfect Blend Kit is $75.00 US and you can check it out here.