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Hey guys! Just a quick little post today to share the books I read in October- I’m really disappointed that I didn’t get a few more crossed off my list, but I just did not have the free time in October! Hopefully I’ll make more time in my schedule next month. I did complete my 52 Books in a Year challenge though, so I’m happy with that.



Giant Days Vol.1 By John Allison

This graphic novel geared towards young adults wasn’t what I thought it would be- the art is unique and the characters are quirky and funny without trying to seem to over to top original or avant garde. Totally relatable, yet out there enough to get your attention. I will probably pick up vol.2 sometime next year.


We Are Not Ourselves By Matthew Thomas

The first 100 pages were slow going for me, but I am very glad I stuck with it. I liked it more and more as I went. Beautifully written and an almost impossibly realistic depiction of the life of one woman and her family from her childhood to her death. An emotional rollercoaster ride. Loved it.

What did you read this last month? Links to your posts and comments are always welcome!

Have a great day-