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Hey guys! I absolutely love trying and reviewing retinol products. A lot of the skincare products out there are difficult to put to the test because results can often be immeasurable, making opinions on these products totally arbitrary.

Choosing the right skincare items for you is often a hit or miss process- trying something for a while, seeing how your skin then looks and feels, keeping a general tally of bad and good skin days and then deciding based on the numbers to stick with that product or move on to the next product. The second you seem to settle down and find a few things you love, sh*t happens- the weather changes, allergy season starts, you get stressed out or you just get older and POOF! your skin is now longer at its best with the products you are using.

Paula’s Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment is pretty much miraculous in my book- the results, for me, were obvious after a short time, the product never seems to disagree with my skin and I’m certain this is something I’m probably going to use for the rest of my life. I love this just as much as my Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM Serum and I switch these two frequently.

I had a reaction immediately after using this product- redness and patchy, flaky skin. As instructed, I started mixing it with my nightly moisturizer after washing my face at night once the reaction went away. Pretty soon, I was able to use it by itself before my moisturizer a few night a week, and now I use it every night.


Just 2 pumps of this is enough for a thin layer over my face and neck- the pump has great control so I always get the same amount of product. The packaging is brilliant- retinol is light reactive so this bottle protects the active ingredients inside while still allowing the consumer to pop the top off and get the last few uses out!

This is one of the only products I’ve ever seen that has actually:
*improved the texture of my skin
*plumped up my fine lines
*reduced the appearance of my deeper wrinkles
*helped me control pore size across my nose and cheeks
*increased my skins firmness

If you are looking to begin using retinol in your skin regimen, be warned. There are tons of useless retinol products out there making the same claims as this stuff.

Skip all the nonsense, wasted time and money. Try it.