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Hey Guys- I recently picked up a Viseart Theory Palette in 02 Minx- to be honest, this was the one I purchased because it was the only one still available in-store. I knew I wanted to try Viseart shadows and I wasn’t too concerned about what the shades were.

First of all, I’m not a big fan of the packaging- reinforced cardboard with a plastic 6-pan palette inset in a matte black tone similar to Nars. I hate how dirty this color packaging looks after just a few uses! The pans themselves are metal, and the divets on the sides of the tray make them very easy to pop out and add to a magnetic palette if you ‘d like to, which is always nice.


I have to admit I was pretty shocked at the buttery, smooth texture and insane pigmentation of the 3 shimmer shades. These shades are in a sable- a medium cool brown with a silvery grey undertone, a copper- a true rich red-orange with a fine ground red shimmer to it, and a bordeaux- a warm toned reddish brown with a purple-red metallic finish.

The 3 matte satin shades are exceptionally smooth as well, but slightly drier than the shimmer shades. I found the top cream shade- a satin warm tone orange beige- to be slightly more powdery with a bit less color pay off than the other 2 satin shades. I imagine I’ll use this one as a base for the rest of the colors. The second satin shade is a doe- a warmish even medium brown and the third is a hickory- a dark, slightly warm brown with a reddish undertone. These last two were remarkably smooth with incredible pigmentation.


This palette is just plain bada**. With a setting spray, these easily will wear for 12 hours without quitting. The price is a little high at $45.00, but if you’re looking for a versatile, luxury eyeshadow palette that is good for day wear and won’t overwhelm you with 45 billion pans to choose from, this one is a good choice.

Find it here!

So if you have this and love it or not love it, let me know! Is it sitting on your want list?

Have a glorious Sunday xoxox