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Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great week. Today I wanted to share a few of France’s best selling drugstore products.

Embryolisse Laboratoires Lait-Creme Concentre : Excluding Bioderma, I’d say this one is probably the best known in the U.S., thanks to a number of beauty subscription boxes including deluxe samples of it. If you shop American drugstores, this product is most similar to a cold cream, but with a slightly thinner consistency. This multi-purpose cream is great for hardcore moisturizing, priming, removing makeup, making cream eye shadow, cleansing and even adding texture to your hair.

As a moisturizer : I would recommend this product for people with dry skin only. It is very effective if you’re looking to heal and calm flaky, red patches. Because our skin types vary so much, some people would say it’s lightweight and use it daily while others find it much too heavy for frequent use, or avoid using it in summer completely. I have dry/ slightly combination skin, and this stuff works best on me as a night cream or underneath my makeup, because foundations tend to zap all the water from my skin. When I put this on, I avoid the oilier zones of my face and give it ample time to absorb before adding any more product. I also love to mix this with my heavier, matte foundations because it lessens the coverage and make the finish more dewy.

As a primer : I love primers that shrink pores and even out skin tone, and Embryolisse has never done either one for me. However, if you’re into primers that smooth the surface of your skin, you might love it.

As a cleanser/makeup remover : I love this stuff for removing face makeup with a cotton pad before cleansing, but I’ve never (and probably would never) use it as a cleanser, especially in warm weather.

As a hair product: Never done it, but this has become a popular way to use it! Rub a small amount into the ends of damp hair to add weight and texture.
As a cream eye shadow base : Absolutely not for me. I have oilier lids and I need a much drier cream eyeshadow formula if I don’t want this sliding down my face.

Full size is 2.54 oz, $28.00

Check this product out here.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse : This multi-functioning dry oil for skin and hair is the sh*t. It’s a bit like Divine Oil, but much lighter, quicker to absorb and a LOT harder to over use and make your hair and skin all greasy. The scent is a gorgeous combo of natural oil and nutty scents- sweet almond, camellia, hazelnut, and macadamia. I love the easy moisture and subtle shine this add to my arms and legs. For hair, I use a liberal amount on my damp ends and use small amounts to rub into dry scalp patches before the shower. I fell in love with Nuxe a few years back for their Gelee Exfoliante Douce, an outstanding exfoliator with rose ingredients…and now THIS STUFF.
P.S. Thanks Target for carrying this!

Full size is 1.6 oz, $29.00

Check it out here.

Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water Spray : I decided to pick this up having heard that it’s far superior to Evian’s Brumisateur and I’d have to agree. I love using facial sprays at the most random times- I’ve found they work wonders in giving my makeup a quick pick up, giving my skin a boost after taking off my makeup, rehydrating my skin in airports or in hot, dry weather, and cooling down after the gym. I’ve used a number of sprays and even the packaging on this stuff is superior- the spray never goes faulty, the cap stays on and the can is heavier. The mist is super fine and amazingly refreshing. Infinitely better at soothing redness than the others.

full size is 10.58 oz, $17.60

Check it out here.