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Hey guys!

After receiving a Juice Beauty lip gloss through a subscription box service last year, I’ve been interested in trying their skin care line. I decided to try a small tube of their Green Apple Moisturizer before committing to a full size product. At $38.00 for 1.7 ounces, the price is substantial.

The Juice Beauty line is devoted to providing their customers a line skin care products that are effective and show positive results, while at the same time being all natural, 100% organic and not tested on animals. Even the fragrances and sunscreen ingredients in their products do not include anything artificial or synthetic.

Green Apple Moisturizer is a brightening anytime lotion with a mild 15 SPF sunscreen. This product claims to improve skins texture, even out skin tone and lighten the appearance of dark circles and discolorations.

green apple 2

I used this product in the mornings after washing my face and before applying makeup and I really enjoyed it. The consistency is smooth without being oily. It absorbed quickly into my dry and combination skin and was a pretty effective moisturizer. I didn’t notice any interference with my makeup application. The scent is very light, refreshing and fruity.

I have some redness issues and some dark circles and although I noticed it was better once applied, I didn’t see any long term improvement, even after a month of daily use. I noticed a very slight improvement in the texture of my skin and I did really like the feel and effectiveness of this as a moisturizer. Also, 15 SPF is a plus.

Check Juice Beauty Green Apple Moisturizer out HERE.