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Hey ya’ll, I purchased this Kevyn Aucoin highlighter/shimmer powder back in January 2016 at Sephora. I wanted to do a quick review of this product because first of all, I love it! and second, the cosmetics market is so flooded with highlighters and shimmer powders at the moment that the Aucoin line can be easily overlooked.


I’d like to first point out the price and size and do some comparisons- at .11 oz, and $44.00, this in no way cheap, especially when you consider other top highlighter brands, like hourglass- $45 a piece and have almost 3 times the product and Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector- $38 for ALMOST 3 times the amount of product. One thing I’d like to say here though, is that I’ve used up both Becca and Hourglass highlighters much faster than I’m using this one…a tiny bit goes a long, long way.


Starlight Celestial Powder is listed as champagne-toned. The powder itself is very distinctly champagne, but once applied to my fair skin it seems to have a pretty strong opalescent pink undertone to it, which I like a lot. It doesn’t look as silvery/pearly as a lot of highlighters do, and the very slight orangey pink tone compliments the tan tone in my bronzers well. This powder gives off a much more natural, sheer glow and doesn’t come off glittery or shimmery at all.

With me, this product ranks right up there with my hourglass ambient lighting palette and Guerlain Meteorites- versatile and impactful. It’s simple ability to improve how my skin looks without any fuss or even any other products is just fantastic.

Check it out here.