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Hey guys! I’ve recently embarked on a quest for the perfect eye cream. I’m looking for something moisturizing and anti-aging that can be used both day and night. I absolutely love products with ginseng in them, so I decided to try Origins GinZing Eye Cream because the price was reasonable and I had read great stuff about it.
ONWARD, to the review!

My full size .5 ounce Origins GinZing Eye Cream was purchased at Sephora early last year for $30.00. As far as eye creams go, this price is pretty good- some of the eye creams out there can get CRAZY expensive.
Origins GinZing eye cream is mainly a de-puffing, multi-tasking eye refresher that also lightens under eye darkness, so let’s get down to business. After using the entire jar…
Does the stuff seem to actually depuff? Not really, not on my under eye pillows anyway.
Does it refresh eyes? Yes, I would say it does its job there.
Does it reduce under eye darkness? Ummm…sorta? Not really.

ginzing cream

These last two questions though: GinZing seemed to preform well for just one reason- the look of the cream itself. GinZing cream is a medium weight quick absorbing cream that has an iridescent pink/orange sparkle to it, much more shimmery than you’d ever expect in an eye cream. A product this glowy is bound to “refresh” eyes aesthetically. The warm pearly tone of the cream is also what seemed to be a pretty good instant fix for under eye darkness, because of its pigment. While I was wearing it, my under eye area seemed to look lighter and I did notice a very slight improvement in my under eye darkness with more use over time- probably a 10% lightening.

I have to say that overall, this product was okay BUT for A.M. use only and on days when I was wearing little to no makeup. I don’t see myself re-purchasing this eye cream.


If you are on the market for a reasonably priced, everyday use, A.M., no-fuss eye cream and you don’t have too many under eye issues to address- this may be the cream for you! Check it out here.
As for me, I’m moving on. I’m looking for a heavier duty, repairing cream.

Have a lovely day. I mean that.