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Hey guys! Hope you had a great weekend! I thought I would liven up this bummer of a Monday with a quick review of Lorac’s Pro Contour Palette and included brush.
Let me start off by saying I love contouring and I’m glad that this makeup application technique has caught on among people outside the makeup artistry world. Contouring is a fantastic way to draw attention to your favorite facial features while minimizing things you may not like so much. Let’s face it, almost everyone has that one (maybe more than one) thing about their face that bugs them and the ability to manipulate shadows and highlights can come in handy.
I have a massive amount of products I use to contour with, but I was drawn to the convenience of having them all in one kit, so after trying a number of contour palettes including those by Anastasia, Kat Von D and Smashbox, I finally decided on Lorac, purchased online from Nordstrom for $45.00…ONWARD to the review!

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The Lorac Pro Contour Palette is a very sleek 1/2 inch thickness with a magnetic closure, and includes 6 pans- Beige, Yellow and Shimmer Highlight across the top and Light, Deep and Medium Contour across the bottom. While Beige and Yellow, Light and Deep pans are all .11 oz, the Shimmer Highlight and Medium Contour pans are a larger .13 and .165 ounces. I don’t like the assumption on Lorac’s part that the Shimmer Highlight and Medium Contour will be used more than the other pans, but…what are you gonna do, right? That’s how it is.



The powder contour shades have a very clean matte finish, while the powder highlight shades have a subtle, natural looking sheen, making this contour kit really great for everyday use- definitely not too dramatic for day time/work wearing. These powders are also very smooth, right on the cusp of feeling like a cream- less chalky, IMO, than Anastasia.



What’s very cool about these is that they work extremely well together- not just contour blending with contour and highlight with highlight, but all six. This is actually rarer than you might think, because a lot of times each shade of product may differ slightly in consistency and viscosity- for instance, I often find that shimmer highlighters tend to be more moist and thicker than contour shades, and they sometimes don’t blend quite how I want them to. Lorac did a great job keeping these shades very close in texture. I found I was easily able to scrape bits of these up to mix highlight with contour for a glowy effect….that’s always helpful.

I have fair skin with a pink undertone (NW18) and find myself reaching for the Beige Highlight and Light or Medium Contour the most often. The Shimmer Highlight, although it is gorgeous , is not quite my favorite. I prefer my sparkle to have a gold or champagne tone to it, rather than a true pearl, like this one. I also find that this palette works better with a primer to keep product (especially the lighter shades) from sinking into pores.
The brush is of good quality and nice to have, but a bit undersized, and it would have been more convenient with a double end- one I could use for highlight and the other for contour.

Overall, I’m very happy with this palette and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of it….check this product out here!

Have a great rest of your day!!! xoxo