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favorites jan 2016

1 . Nude Skincare Progenius Omega Treatment Rescue Oil : I have been loving this ultra moisturizing face oil this winter! I use about 3 pumps after washing my face in the morning to keep my skin from drying out. Think divine oil but thinner and lighter to wear, with a fresh citrus and ginger scent. This oil has absolutely improved the texture and tone of my skin over the course of a few weeks. 1 oz, $68.00. Buy it here.

2 . and 3 . Deborah Lippmann “Stairway to Heaven” + Zoya “Jacqueline” : I go through phases with my nail polish preferences, and right now I am loving these 2 colors! The Zoya shade used as a base for the Lippmann sparkle really tones down the glittery effect and makes it a bit more grown up and every day wearable. Just gorgeous. Deborah Lippmann- .5 oz, $20.00 Zoya- .5 oz, $9.00. check these out Here and Here.

4 . Pacifica French Lilac Body Butter : I got this wonderful rich lotion for Christmas and have been using it pretty much constantly on my hands. I am very, very picky about my floral scents and this stuff is wonderful for one reason- it doesn’t smell like a lilac “fragrance”, it actually smells like the flowers! It’s a much lighter, natural and airy scent. 8 oz, $15.00. Investigate!!

5 . Wonderstruck, By Brian Selznick : I try and keep up with newer children’s and YA novels to in order to put together a little library for my daughter. It took me a looong time to finally get around to reading it…and I absolutely loved it. The story is told in two parts- one words and one pictures. The art and the writing are both beautiful, and the story is touching. Read it.