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Hope everyone had a great NYE last night- Happy New Year!
My wonderful hubby recently bought these for me and I thought I’d do a quick post because I’ve seen these on a lot of wish lists lately…


I am a big fan of Real Techniques brushes. I wish I could big a hardcore brush person and stick with Hakuhodo and a few other super high end brands, but alas, there’s no way I could afford that! Real Techniques brushes perfectly supplement that situation- they work beautifully, look gorgeous and are very reasonably priced. These brushes are synthetic, ultra soft bristled and work with liquids, creams and powders. I’ve only used these a few times so far, but have seen very little shedding. In this set, you get…


Angled Powder brush #103- I love the shape of the base of this brush! Because it’s a bit flattened out instead of round, the bristles are easy to manipulate with your fingers so you can contour, highlight and apply a blush.


Oval Shadow brush #200- This brush is perfect for quick, easy powder eyeshadow application. I love it for blending corners, sweeping color just under my eyebrows and applying a setting powder under the eyes.


Tapered Blush brush #300- This is a great highlighter and contour brush, just like #103, but with it’s pointed tip, it works wonderfully for contouring around your hairline or down the sides of your nose. This handy brush also works perfectly for highlights around your lips.

2 other things I LOVE about these brushes:
1 . An angled barrel so they don’t roll off the table and 2. FINALLY, a narrow end! These RT brushes fit in my brush kitty so much better than the fat tipped ones! yay!

Have a lovely New Years Day everyone- xoxo