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I first came across this cologne when I was in Jr. High when an Aunt of mine received it as a Christmas present. I was probably 13 or 14 at the time and I wasn’t much into fragrances besides whatever fruity body spray was popular at the moment. I absolutely loved the scent though, despite knowing that it was a bit “mature” for me. I didn’t buy it for myself and start wearing regularly until I was 15, and I’ve worn it off and on pretty much up until now.
This 1.7 ounce cologne spray and 8.4 ounce body lotion lasted me about 3 years and I didn’t notice a decline in the scent, but I have had other bottles previously that have “turned” on me after a long period of time.

This is a gorgeous fragrance, really. Rapture is definitely, absolutely a sexy, rich scent. It couldn’t really be described any other way. It’s listed as being warm with notes of citrus, jasmine, freesia, Bulgarian rose, amber, musk and heliotrope. I do sense warmth in it, but don’t let the long list of florals fool ya- this is not a sweet and light fragrance. Although I pick up on the jasmine and freesia, the heavy, sensual musk and amber are much more prominent.

This is a big girl scent, for sure. If you’re into beachy or baby powdery stuff, you will probably hate it, but if you love musks and are looking for a signature scent, this is a good choice. The longevity is incredible- I have worn this with winter coats that have been packed away for a year and when the coat came back out I was STILL able to pick up the scent in the fabric. One little squirt of this goes a very, very long way. I have never come across another fragrance that lasts as long as this one- of course, this is probably due to the concentration, being a cologne and not a perfume.

Some negatives: This bottle is terrible. The outer gold plastic shell around the glass fades and cracks, and the spritzer always gets this gross gummy stuff around it. VS, please update this packaging, seriously.

Victoria’s Secret released Rapture in 1992. Somehow, this fragrance has stuck around, although I do see less and less of it in stores. It’s still offered online but there’s talk of it being discontinued. I can’t tell you how much that would bum me out! Love it!
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