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Hugo Boss Deep Red is the first Hugo Boss fragrance purchase I’ve ever made, although I’ve been a long time lover of the original Hugo Boss cologne for men.  I first discovered Deep Red through a magazine sample in the early 2000’s, but didn’t buy it until I got a whiff of it again at Perfumania in 2012.  This 3.0 oz. bottle lasted me about 2 and a half years.  I definitely think the that cloudy scarlet glass of the bottle helped keep the perfume fresh by protecting it from sunlight.  Over the time I wore it, I didn’t notice any decline in the longevity or changes in the scent.

Let me start off by saying that this perfume is actually a bit more difficult for me to describe than some of the other fragrances I’ve reviewed.  I have a very, very acute sense of smell (it is a privilege AND a burden!), and my nose power was pretty much doubled while I was pregnant- this is one of the only fragrances I could tolerate.   I think that was because it lacks both the overwhelming fruitiness or overwhelming floral scent of most other perfumes…oddly though, Hugo Boss Deep Red is a combination of both.  What makes it unique is the odd scents it combines to create something beautiful, intense and sensual.

Deep Red is the perfect name for this fragrance.  If I had synesthesia, a deep red would actually be the color of the scent.  Hugo Boss Deep Red is described as fruity-floral aroma opens with notes of black currant, pear, tangerine and blood orange. The fresh and mouthwatering opening is followed by ginger leaves, freesia and hibiscus accords of the heart. Woodsy sensual finish is composed of sandalwood, Californian cedar, vanilla and musk.  As usual, my description and the companies vary a bit.

I definitely pick up black currant and this, as well as the tangerine.  There is an added sweetness that could be interpreted as pear, but I think a real pear scent would be overpowered, easily, by all the other notes.  What I actually pick up is more of a simple sugar scent, as if this perfume is actually a mixed drink….so this smells a lot to me like a black current and tangerine brandy.  I also am on board with the sandalwood and freesia notes, but the hibiscus and ginger, not so much.  Hugo Boss Deep Red comes across as more woody than it is musky, and and although vanilla and musk are present, the cedar scent is more prominent, in my humble opinion.

Really interesting, dark scent- great for cooler months, special occasions and date nights.  It hasn’t been discontinued, but I have noticed a significant drop in the price over the years.  Full size is now between $25 and $39 dollars U.S.  Get yours at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, or online- http://www.fragrancenet.com.

Have a Great Tuesday!!