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Hey Guys!  I’m back (after FOREVER) with an Empties review of a product I love.  Seriously.  I first heard about Canadian beauty company Vasanti through Birchbox, when I received a sample of this product in one of their monthly boxes a few years ago.  After I used the sample up, I immediately went out and got a full bottle!  I am finally doing a review of this stuff after going through another couple of bottles.


Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator is a pretty fancy name that I think can be a bit misleading- “face rejuvenator” sounds like a name you’d give an extra extra gentle exfoliator that wasn’t very effective.  Don’t let the name fool ya, this sh*t means business.  This is the best, hardest working exfoliant I’ve ever used.

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You use it just like any other- the formula is white and on the dry side, a bit thick also.  A little goes a long way.  I use a nickel sized amount for my entire face.  Work the product with your fingertips first and then apply to skin, making small circular motions.  Be careful to avoid your eye area and do not *I repeat DO NOT press too hard.  The microderm exfoliating crystals in this product are very, very fine grained and can cause an itching sensation afterwards if you’re too rough.  Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes for enzyme- action, then rinse off.

I cannot tell you how great my skin feels afterward!  It really takes all the yuck off, and is the absolute best at-home microderm abrasion product I’ve ever used.  It’s paraben free, sulfate free and 99% natural.  Vasanti Brighten Up! ingredients include papaya, coconut and Aloe and has a light, tropical scent.

I would say that the full size 120g (4.23oz.) size does last a long time.  I use a full bottle in about 4 months, and I’d say I apply the product a bit more liberally than most.

Purchase this miraculous stuff at www.vasanticosmetics.com for $34.00 US.


Have an amazing, inspired day everyone!!! XoXo