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Back in the day, I experimented with beauty products quite a bit. I used to be able to put really crazy a$$ products on my skin and have no reaction what so ever…as the years go by, this becomes less and less true and now that I’ve had a baby, I can offically say that I have SENSITIVE SKIN.

The Body Shop’s Aloe line interested me right from the start because of my redness problem. I have very pale skin that gets red easily, especially across my forehead and cheeks. I am down with anything that helps calm my redness and cool my skin.

I’m also a toner fiend. I love trying all different types and brands and comparing them to each other, so I chose to try the toner from the line first. I purchased this bottle at The Body Shop store approximately 18 months ago. The bottle is 6.75 oz. and it is $14.00.

It doesn’t feature many of the typical toner qualities– it doesn’t de-clog pores, pull impurities or soak up excess oil. While it does seem to clean up traces of makeup remaining after washing my face, it isn’t one of its star qualities.

I can honestly say, The Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner is one of the gentlest products I’ve ever used. This toner is especially created for those with dry, aged or sensitive skin. It doesn’t burn, irritate or dry out my skin in the least. When first applied, my redness seems to get a bit worse, but just for a minute or so before the redness fades considerably. This product seemed to be precisely what it claims to be– a “comforting, conditioning toning liquid proven to purify without irritating”. After use, it left my skin feeling soft, balanced and soothed.


….I always like to see the back of the bottle in reviews, don’t you? 🙂

While this product does include pentylene and butylene glycol, two very common synthetic moisture- retaining ingredients that are said by some to cause irritation, I saw no evidence of this at all.

Calming toner is as thin as water, is colorless and just about odorless with an extremely light, simple aloe fragrance.

If you are on the market for a very gentle toner that won’t strip your skin or melt your face off with its pore de-clogging magic, this is it. I would highly recommend it for people with a redness situation like mine.