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diy lash serum

So late last year, I started using an all natural, make it yourself eyelash treatment that consistent of a few different types of oils…for more info, check out the post HERE.

Normally, I order my lash serum online from Lilash and I find that it works wonders, but it’s expensive and makes my eyelids the tiniest bit red rimmed.
In an effort to save some money and lose the redness, I thought I’d try one of these at home deals.

There are about a million different types of homemade lash serum, but most have one major ingredient- castor oil. It’s derived from the seeds of the castor plant and is known to do amazing things for people- healing and renewing the appearance of skin, regrowing hair and even fighting infections.
I applied my serum every night before bed with a clean mascara spoolie, swiping a liberal amount across the base of my top lashes and along the length of the hairs themselves for over 8 weeks.

Here are some photos of my results:

diy eyelasj

Alrighty, here’s my disclaimer– there are plenty of people out there that this may work for. I am not one of them. My opinion on this is my own and everyone else who uses an at home serum or is thinking about trying it is entitled to their own….that being said, let me rant a moment for how this worked for ME….

These eyelash serums are total B.S.
In fact, I’d even say that the first 2 weeks, before my eyelashes really started reacting to this stuff, my lashes were at their best. After week 3, I began to notice more broken lashes, more shedding, and more uneven growth than ever before. I kept telling myself to give it more time, but the more time I gave it the worse it got.
I currently have the worst, shortest, thinnest lashes of my adult life….for proof, here’s what my lashes look like when using my trusty Lilash-

Le sigh. I miss those lashes and it’s going to take months to get them back.

My final statement goes like this : Brands like Lilash, Latisse and Revitalash aren’t cheap for a reason. They work, so ppl are willing to shell out. I haven’t tried any drugstore brands yet, but I’m not going to bother because I know what works for me and I’m going to stick with it.

So…what do you think? Surprised or not? Have at home eyelash serums worked for you??
Let me know in the comments!!!!