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Hey there guys! Do you hear that? No? Neither do I!!! It’s the sweet, sweet sound of silence, YIPPEEE!!!

Things started getting crazy busy in my house just after thanksgiving- mostly prepping for a long stay/xmas holiday with my parents. December went by so fast I hardly remember what happened! January ended up being a relax and recuperate month while we spent a lot of down time together as a family and got our home and finances in order. Finally, we are all back to our old routines. Dish washer is going and baby girl is enjoying her breakfast while I type this- I love boring sometimes.

It feels really good to be back doing posts. I didn’t realize how much I loved it until I took a month off.
I was also really, really excited to see that in my absence, traffic was good and I have passed the 200 follower mark. That is so cool. I know it’s not a ton of folks, but even if it was just 10, it still makes me happy to see that others share my interests and appreciate my content.

My first posts up will be January Favs and an update on my DIY eyelash serum experiment- stay tuned 😉
Hope everyone had a great holiday and new year- I cannot wait to look through all the posts I missed!!