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Here are the 5 goals I’ve chosen for the remainder of this year. Some will last only 2 weeks while others may extend past the 1st of January- we will see!

Goal #1 : To drink 5 liters of water a day for 30 days

133948 Start date : November 14

Evaluation post date : December 14

I have always tried to get into the habit of drinking more water and I do well at this if I am mindful of it. My skin improves, my eyes don’t get as easily dried out and I generally just feel better. I chose to do 5 liters because I already drink about 2 liters a day, and have never felt like this was enough, especially considering my weight, salt intake, alcohol consumption and activity level. I already drink almost all of my water out of a plastic liter bottle (like those ones with the straws you get at hospitals), so what I need to work on is reminding myself to do it- I plan on setting alarms on my phone! I think I’m going to take a once a photo of my bare skin once a week on the same day, in the same spot/lighting, to see if I can see improvements in my overall skin condition. I’ve seen this done in photos online and the results were questionable- you can tell there was makeup/Photoshop /lighting techniques involved in the “after” shots. I would like to see some REAL results. Besides the overall evaluation, I’ll be taking notes about how I feel as I go along, probably a few times a week. I’m curious to see if I can form this habit and stick with it!

Goal #2: DIY Eye Lash Serum Experiment

diy lash serum Start date: November 5

Evaluation post date: January 5

This one is in progress! to read my previous post on this, click HERE Weekly photos of my naked eyelashes to see how well this stuff works are in PROGRESS!

Goal #3: 30 Day Squat Challenge!

1a83e320905a8c13b9018671c2931e7a Start date : November 15

Evaluation post date : December 15

I am excited about trying a 30 day fitness challenge- I chose squats first because I love to jog, walk and run and figured this would help strengthen my quads, glutes and knees for stuff I already enjoy doing. I am going to take a before and after photo and measurements of my butt, thighs and hips, but I really don’t know at this point if I’ll have the balls to post either one of those! 🙂

Goal #4: Bee Pollen experiment

Dr-Danielles-Bee-Well-Royal-Jelly-1500mg-Propolis-1000mg-Beepollen-750mg-in-4-Daily-Capsules-0-1 Start Date : November 16

Evaluation post date : TBD

I am a pretty serious advocate of vitamins and herbal supplements and have been wanting to try this for a while. After researching a few brands online, I found that Dr. Danielle’s Bee Well seemed to have the most positive reviews, and I liked the fact that it is a “Bee Complex” (HA!)- 750 mg of Bee Pollen, 100 mg of Propolis and 1500 mg of Royal Jelly. The benefits listed for these are NUMEROUS- people claim these little bee superfood pills have cleared up their allergies, boosted their energy level, kept them cold and flu free and even helped them overcome addictions. I have heard of bee products curing/helping people with SO MANY things that honestly…it sounds like total bull shit… That is precisely why I wanted to try it. I am going to go into it with an open mind and if I see results, great! I will be taking 4-8 pills a day on an empty stomach for the next 2 weeks. If I feel like I want to continue, I might extend this project another 2 weeks. On the evaluation date, I will go into much more detail about how these supplements, what they claim to do and what my results were.

Goal #5: 12 full sized products to finish up before the end of the year

finish up Previous post HERE! This is in progress and going well- 3 or 4 of these products have already bit the dust. There we have it! What do you think of these goals & what are yours??