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Hey guys! I feel a little awkward sharing some of these little details about myself, but getting them out in the open will allow me to better explain the reasons I think setting your own personal health and beauty goals is important.

There are millions of insignificant little blogs just like mine out there- ones that revolve around the interests/obsessions of the blogger, giving them a platform on which to discuss whatever they want. My motivation for starting this blog was precisely that, but I also wanted to use my blog to make some changes in my life, track my progress and hold myself accountable for whatever results I saw, while HOPEFULLY motivating others to make changes in their own lives too.

Let’s dive right in to WHY I want to make changes in the first place.

1) They improve my self esteem.

I am really not good in this area. I am the WORST with negative self talk. I don’t allow others to say nice things about me either. I have an extremely difficult time even accepting a compliment graciously. I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut, so I shoot most compliments down with snark. I distrust people who compliment me because I am unable to believe they are being sincere. If I can’t see those good things about myself, I can’t accept that other people do either, right?
Setting up beauty/health goals and working towards them helps my self esteem because:
A) I am working on achieving something I previously thought I wasn’t capable of doing, and overcoming things like that ALWAYS make me feel better about myself.
B) Tracking the progress of these goals through blogging and photos allows me to see evidence of improvement for myself- EXAMPLES : “Yeah, my skin DOES look clearer!” or “Wow, I have actually lost 5 1/2 pounds or “My eyelashes really do look longer and fuller !” 🙂
C) Working towards goals gets me out of my own head and shifts my focus away from the self hate- for example : instead of telling myself how much I loathe my flabby arms, setting up a fitness goal involving 30 days of arm toning exercises quiets those evil little voices in my head, and that peace I’m given is PRICELESS, regardless of whether or not I see improvement in my arms.

Another reason for setting and working towards health and beauty goals is:

2) They allow me to learn more about myself and my body- what things work for me and what don’t.

A lot of times, I find that I simply do what I’m told when it comes to fitness, health or beauty. I have a tendency to believe that “EXPERTS” know what’s better for me than I do, and I can be sometimes be easily influenced my advertising and social media hype. Setting a variety of beauty and health goals gets me out of regular old routine and allows me to discover things about myself that I wouldn’t have other wise known. Again, a few examples : a 30 day commitment to 100% natural skincare products?! If I had never tried it, I would have never known what wonders it did for my skin. ALSO, if I had never tried three months of a vegan diet, I would have never discovered how much of an energy level boost I get from chicken, fish and other lean meats.
Everyone is different, and switching up your program while tracking how you’re doing with these changes is an eye opening experience.

My final reason for setting beauty and health goals is:

3) It helps me out of what would otherwise be a rut/boring routine

I notice this A LOT with beauty products. I am a hoarder, I will admit that. Cosmetics, skin and hair care products, you name it. I am a sucker for pretty packaging and luxury brands. I currently have more than I could use up in five years without buying another product. Setting goals that focus on certain products helps me to use them all up and forces me to use stuff I wouldn’t have normally used. In turn, this helps make the money I spent on these products worth it, and I learn a lot by sitting down and doing a thorough review.

In the next day or so, I’m going to be developing a certain number of health and beauty goals for myself, to take place between now and the end of the year.
Without even realizing it, I’ve already started two- My DIY eye lash serum experiment and my list of products to finish up are both in full effect.

The “part II” post will detail my exact goals, some deadlines, how I will document the progress and why I want to work on them.
I urge anyone reading this to come up with some for themselves, and tell me about them in the comments, or even better- link your post about them!