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diy lash serum

No pricey ingredients and no crazy chemicals that may end up changing your eye color!

After using LiLash for about a year and hating the way it occasionally rimmed my eyes with red, I decided to go ahead and try an all natural, do it yourself deal.
This was surprisingly simple with no mess.

I used :

1 bottle of 100% castor oil
1 bottle of 100% sweet almond oil
1 container of 100% coconut oil
1 empty, clean bottle to mix in
sterilized eyelash wands

MIX a little less than half castor oil with a little less than half coconut oil, then add a bit of the almond oil in whatever space you have left over and TAH-DAH.

– for this serum to be totally safe for my eyes and full of nutrients and Vitamin E to promote healthy growth, all oils need to be 100% pure and natural. I love NOW solutions! check this company out HERE.

I purchased my sterilized mascara wands HERE

-Put this on your lashes with a clean wand (or a clean fingertip) every night before bed.
-Store your bottle at room temperature.

Just a side note: If your bottle starts to congeal, don’t freak out. It may need to be heated up in the microwave for a few seconds every couple of days to thin the solution out again. This happens because of the coconut oil.

I started this process last night and took up close photographs of my lashes with eyes closed and open. I am going to continue to take pictures every once in a while. When I have used this for an extended period of time (I’ll probably give it until New Years), I plan on doing a detailed review of how well this DIY serum worked.

Have a great day everybody xoxo 🙂