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Luxury clothing line was founded in the 1970’s in Munich, Germany and quickly became known for their bright colors and bold patterns. In the 90’s Escada began producing fragrances, handbags and shoes. Today, the original line Escada is joined by the Escada Sport line and the Escada Couture line, with all three producing men’s and children’s fashions, wallets, belts, sunglasses, eyeglasses and fragrances.

Escada Especially is the first Escada fragrance purchase I’ve ever made. I bought this 1.6 oz. bottle at Sephora in eau de parfum for $65.00 approximately two years ago. The integrity of the fragrance has held up well. This is definitely a perfume that will still smell the way it did the day you bought it months after purchasing.

The scent is very feminine and on the soft side, but is not quite delicate due to its lingering, alluring singular floral and fruit combo.

Escada Especially is described by the company as a dewy rose and pear scent that includes notes of ylang ylang, amberette and musk. Although I absoutely agree with the rose scent, I don’t think that’s quite descriptive enough, because different types of roses have different scents. I would describe Escada Especially as particularly sweet and bright, a very sunny, summertime rose scent. It is the closest to Louise Odier roses- big, fat, pink flourishing things with tons of petals on very dense bushes, not the blood red, thorny stemmed buds one might imagine when someone says this perfume smells like “rose”.

The main fruit note is noticably pear, but with a sharp edge to it, more like a pear flavored champagne or wine than the scent from the actual fruit.
Escada Especially is also described as a musk, which I don’t pick up much at all. Its base notes seem much closer to an aqua or an amber than a straight musk. In my opinion, this is strictly a spring/summer scent, and strictly daytime.

Although I enjoyed this fragrance, I didn’t love it and will not be purchasing it.

The PROS: It lasted a good amount of time on my skin, I really enjoyed the scent spritzed on my hairbrush and the bottle is beautiful on display.

The CONS: This fragrance was just not unique enough, and a little too sweet for me to fall in love with.

Have you tried Escada Escpecially? What fragrances have you been wearing this summer?