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I’ve gotta say I’m on the fence about this months delivery. I don’t DISLIKE any of the peices I recieved…but they all are a bit “out of the box” for me. I’m going to have to work a little harder to style each one and see if I like them.


1. Karlee Infinity Scarf ($24.00) : I have never in my life done fringe, but I can see this scarf working with silver chadelier earrings, a black sweater or long sleeved top and some camo skinnys with some silver accents on them like zippers or buttons on the pockets.

2 . Eva Earrings ($17.00) : I like the shape of these! They remind me of gingko leaves. The two colors separately I like, but together I’m not too sure about. A billowy simple blouse in neutral color and some dress pants? A solid colored peplum top?

3 . Lola Watch ($26.00) : A beaded watch is also a first for me maybe this can work, but I don’t like that out of the box it struck me as less Boho and more…Chico’s. No offense if you love that store, it’s just not my style. At this point, I’m thinking gold bangles, and a simple wrap dress with leggings and boots- there are some good autumn colors involved in this thing.

4 . Eva Earrings ($17.00) : I think I like these the most. They are a little House of Harlow, and I’ve always liked their accessories. I already think I have a thousand things I can wear with these. They are extremely lightweight too, which is cool.

What do you think of this collection?? If anyone has some styling suggestions, let me know!! I’m very interested in what you would pair with these!!! 🙂