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When it comes to makeup, I have a tendency to try absolutely everything. I listen to trends and worm my way into all the new products. I also try to try and keep up with all the oldies but goodies out there- watching best seller lists on beauty.com, sephora, ulta and beautybay. It takes me a while to weed through all these products and choose my absolute must haves.

With skincare though, I am much, much more particular. My skincare regimen is friggin’ sacred. I sample things selectively and if I don’t immediately fall in ABSOLUTE LOVE with it- it’s out, never to be revisited.

Peter Thomas Roth’s Retinol Fusion PM Serum is one of my ABSOLUTE LOVE products. If I could bestow a bottle of it upon every beauty addict I know, I would. This stuff is no less than amazing. It contains 1.5% Retinol and Vitamins E (making skin look softer) and Vitamin C (making skin look brighter). Retinol is one ingredient on an extremely short list of ingredients that are clinically proven to make your skin look better- reducing the appearance of wrinkles, large and small, improving tone and texture. The product is a bit expensive, but a little of this every night goes a long, long way.

I would highly recommend this product to everyone except those with extremely sensitive skin- it is so POTENT that redness and irritation can occur. Some people will need to build up to nightly usage, but once your skin adjusts, this stuff is nothing short of amazing. I’m going to buy it again…and again…and again.