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Hey ya’ll, I just got through a small bucket of this “ultra moisturizer”, so I thought I would share my 2 cents about it.

I bought this from Sephora in January of last year to use this as an occassional switch up from my night cream.  Sometimes my night creams can be a bit heavy and on days I felt I didn’t need something quite so oily, Ultra Repair Cream worked well.

Let me start off by saying that this cream doesn’t pack as much of a intense therapy heavy duty moisture blabiddy blah as it claims to- which isn’t a bad thing!  I found it much more all-purpose this way.  While it is free of all harsh chemicals, allergens, parabens and even dyes, I found when I first put it on, it stings a little.  I never got any kind of a skin reaction from this and I do believe it’s safe for sensitive skin.

It has a very medicinal, sterile smell- reminds me a lot of hydrogen peroxide or antibiotic ointment- which is to be expected if it’s fragrance free and all that.  The texture and look of the cream is exactly like Noxema- white with a pearly finish to it, and on the thicker side.

Ultra Repair Cream claims to “improve the skins natural barrier function” by “replenishing lipids”- this is not something I can speak to because I obviously don’t know if my skin is any better protected now than it was before, but I will say that this is a solid product.  It didn’t improve the appearance of my skin, but it did feel good after I put it on, especially at night.  It takes a bit more time to absorb than other creams, so a little seemed to go a long way….and for the price, that’s pretty cool.  Although I can see why some people love this stuff, I won’t be repurchasing it, simply because there are a million other things I’d like to try.   (Full size- 6.0 oz, $28.00)