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I like this product. I actually worked for Benefit for a while back in the day, before this product was introduced and I love the company. I purchased this over a year ago from my local Sephora in the shade “Me, vain?” Champagne for $34. It comes in a fat little compact in .25 oz and includes a mirror, sponge and brush.

I am by no means the #1 Authority on this sh*t, but here’s my take on Benefit’s Hello Flawless:
Benefit is clear about this product not being a pressed powder so much as it is a powder foundation. While it is buildable, the coverage is never sheer. If you like to use powders to set with over your full coverage foundation, in my opinion, this is a little bit too heavy for that.
I think Hello Flawless works best on its own, without foundation or with a lighter BB cream. It’s workable on the skin for a while after it’s been applied, which is nice if you find you’ve over or under done it. I didn’t like this powder over my concealer- it felt a little too clingy and the coverage was too heavy.

It did even out my skin tone and soften the appearance of red marks or discolorations on my skin, but it didn’t quite make me look “flawless”. Obviously, acne or significant blemishes- anything with dimension- was still visible.
This product is pretty no-fuss, and I’d highly recommend it for people who don’t wear a lot of makeup to begin with and want a product that’s quick, easy and long wearing to even out their skin. Hello Flawless is a looser powder- the downside of this is that it gets used up quickly and has a lot of fallout. On the upside, it’s pretty creamy ‘n smooth when applied. I have combination skin and I noticed that it didn’t do much to prevent oil in my t-zone. Instead of re-applying in these areas, absorbent films seemed to work best.

BEST FOR: Full coverage without foundation, no-fuss, medium to darker shades, dry skin and evening out skin tone
NOT THE BEST FOR: oily skin, use over foundation, fair skin with pink undertones and people who love themselves some long lasting product.
I don’t think I will be repurchasing this product because I think BareMinerals does the same job just a little bit better.