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Like this packaging.  Nice job, Wantable.

Like this packaging. Nice job, Wantable.

I am really, really into my monthly subscription boxes and new ones seem to be popping up all over the place! I have been receiving goodies from Ipsy and Glossybox for a while now and love them both. Just this last month, I added 3 more subscriptions to my lineup, one of them called Wantable. Wantable offers monthly subscription boxes for beauty products, accessories and lingerie. Since I am looking to beef up my jewelry collection, I signed up for their accessories program. I filled out a short survey about my preferences, put down $36 and Wham-oh! A week or so later received this lovely box filled with 4 different pieces. Here’s my review!

wantable 2

1 . The Lainey Bracelet: I have noticed that wide metal cuffs like this look….bondage-y… if they are too tight, but this silver tone hinged cuff is just the right size. I don’t own anything quite like this and I’m thinking I’ll probably pair it with something less modern and more rocker chic to take the futuristic edge off. I like the black piping also.

2 . The Cheri necklace: This long, gold tone double chain with dangling feather and two talons confuses me a bit. I like the pendants, especially the white one, but I don’t get why the chain that the feather hangs from changes to a solid, criss-cross pattern instead of remaining links, like the chain for the talons. If it was just two separate chains all the way through that were linked together, I’d like it more. The heavier chain seems to make kind of an awkward loop at the bottom, but we’ll see how it looks on. I’m no jewelry designer and I’m going to assume Wantable’s accessories ppl know what they’re doing.

3 . The Diana Earring: Holy F*ck, these are gorgeous. I love, love, love these earrings. Surprisingly light weight and a great mix of tough and glam. The rhinestones have a wonderful, colorful reflection in them too. These I will wear. Favorite.

4 . The Andre Necklace: Love this also! The silver toned chain has unique links that are flatter and thicker- kind of utilitarian looking- which is offset nicely with the horn/spike deal, because it looks kind of earthy, despite the metallic surface. one side of the spike/horn thingy is silver toned with fine black piping and the opposite side is a glossy solid gold tone. Love that contrast, and the length is a good in between- not so short it looks like it’s coming out of your neck and not so long it looks like it’s pointing at your hoo-hoo. Yup, I said it.

There you have it! Not too bad. I think $36 is a little steep, but I absolutely loved two of the pieces and I like the fact that these are things I may have never picked out for myself, but am happy with. I’ll stick around another month and see how things go in August.
If you are interested in subscribing, visit http://www.wantable.com