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Hanae Mori Butterfly, Eau de Parfum, 1.7 oz. $95.00 Purchased Oct. 2012, Perfumania

Hanae Mori Butterfly, Eau de Parfum, 1.7 oz.
Purchased Oct. 2012, Perfumania

Hanae Mori, legendary Japanese fashion designer, came out with this fragrance in the mid-90’s, but hey, I was in elementary school then, so I’m just getting around to trying it now. Sue me.
I bought this fragrance while I was pregnant, which already says a lot. I’ve always had a sensitive nose, and when I was pregnant it was even more powerful, so perfumes had to be just right for me to enjoy them. I tend to like very unusual, musky or woodsy tones that smell more sexy than cute, so it was surprising to pick this one out. I like vanilla scent, but not if it’s too far gone into the food catagory- and most “vanilla” scents are- they smell more like cookies than actual vanilla, ya know?

The weird thing about Hanae Mori Butterfly though is, there’s no vanilla in it, really…the scent just comes off that way. Butterfly has a unique sandalwood and almond base to it, which keeps the lighter berry, jasmine and peony notes from coming off too sweet. The light, feminine, sugary scent walks that thin line between “something I’d like to smell” (floraly/ slightly woodsy) and “something I’d like to eat ” (sugary/fruity).


It worked relatively well with my body chemistry, after an hour or so on the skin, it came off more sandalwood and patchouli than anything else. The fruity and floral stuff had faded a bit. It lasted pretty long too, especially locked in with a non-scented moisturizer. I wouldn’t say that it’s specifically a warm weather or cold weather scent- this is the kind of thing you can wear year round, but I’d prefer it in cooler temps.

I don’t think I will be re-purchasing it because I didn’t ABSOUTELY LOVE IT and I like to switch it up, but I would recommend it to others. Stick with the parfum and skip the toilette- it’s just a better value this way.