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I love makeup setting sprays. I am always interesting in how to make a look I’ve worked on last longer. I get that no product is going to work perfectly, forever and ever amen…but I do like to try things out and see how close they can come to that.
Here are 4 bottles that I have used up and now feel I’m familiar enough with the review…just for convenience in the description, I’m going to rate them on a 1-10 scale.

Original Makeup Setting Spray by Model in a Bottle, $18.00
This stuff…really works. I would say it adds another 3 hours to my usual, fading at the 5 hour mark makeup, especially my foundation. It is quick drying and easy enough to apply, but the pump squirts out too much at once, leaving larger droplets on your face. I find this very annoying. Also, because it pumps out so much on each application, I used this one up a lot faster than my other sprays. The alcohol scent is strong, and I’d recommend putting a headband around your face to keep the spray from giving your hair the crunchy, hairspray type feel. 1-10 scale: 6.5


Lock ‘N Load Makeup Setting Mist by Kat Von D, $24.00
This stuff works great as well. The pump actually MISTS, giving a more even application and after using this for a few weeks, I think it may outlast Model in a Bottle by another hour. One thing I’ve noticed is that this formula seems to do a better job locking in my eye makeup than it does my foundation. This doesn’t smell as alcoholy, and the texture feels less drying, more water based. 1-10 scale: 7.5


Mist & Fix by Make Up Forever, $29.00
This setting spray is the lightest weight and the least drying, which are pluses, but did the least for me as far as setting my look goes. The pump works well, the mist is nice, but my t zone and eyelids started to fade much earlier than with the other sprays. This formula may be better for more sensitive or naturally drier skin though, something about it feels way too watery for me. 1-10 scale: 3


Final Seal Matte Makeup Sealer by Ben Nye, $8.50
Now we’re talkin’. I don’t even know if it gets better than this. First of all, the price??! Wow. Ben Nye is best known as a top brand of theater/costume makeup and this setting spray is amazing. Adds about 5 hours to my normal 5 hour run, has a nice spritz, dries quickly and has a weird but refreshing minty scent instead of an alcohol one…don’t worry, the smell doesn’t last. This formula works so well, that taking my makeup off is a much longer process at the end of the night, but hey, that’s ok with me. 1-10 scale: 1-10 scale: 9