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So this weekend, hubby, baby girl and I went out to our favorite garden center in Portland to pick up some spring veggies.  We try and keep our vegetable growing going as much as we can because produce can be ridiculously expensive and it always tastes better from the garden.  I try to avoiding feeding Baby Girl anything processed, which is a challenge that doesn’t always work out but…meh.

This is the awesome garden center we visit about 3 times a year:


This spring, we are planting in 2 8×8 ft. raised beds that my hubby made a few years ago.  Here’s the before shot:


I was thinking about garlic and onions at first, but changed my mind because I wanted to go with what we eat the most, and what usually ends up being the most expensive.  I went with broccoli and cauliflower, leeks, snap peas, kale and spinach, then carrots and radishes from seeds.



We eat a lot of broc and caulif, and it freezes well.  Leeks also freeze well, and we’ve tried to grow them  before without much luck, but I think with the milder spring weather and some changes to my planting method, they’ll work out better this year.   Snap peas always do great, and this year we are going to let them climb some chicken wire.   I’ve only grown kale and spinach in early summer before, so this is new territory.  If you’ve ever had fresh spinach from a garden, you know how worth it it is to try!

Then we threw some chicken wire down over the carrot and radish seeds to keep the birds and cats out.  TahDah! After:


Afterwards we headed to lunch at our fav Vietnamese restaurant, Pho.com.  I swear I ate at this place almost once a week during my pregnancy.  It’s delicious and my hubby is addicted to Vietnamese Pho soup.


hubby and Baby Girl.


Baby Girl Like WHATTTT???!

Vietnamese Iced Coffee.  Crack.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee. Crack.

Lemongrass Chicken Salad. Yummyness.

Lemongrass Chicken Salad. Yummyness.

I am obsessed with the lighting in this place.

I am obsessed with the lighting in this place.

Fun Day!  I really shouldn’t have blown off homework and finals stuff, but it’s winding down now.  I am so looking forward to spring break.  My mood has been a lot better lately.  I’m pretty sure that it’s due to those vitamins I started taking around Baby Girl’s Birthday, but it could also be just because things are coming to a close and I can see that YEAH, I’m gonna get through it.  🙂