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Recently Finished:


Blue Nights- Joan Didion

This ended up being disappointing.   I can’t put my finger on why.  Her doctor calling her in NYC  during an intermission at a ballet in St. Petersburg?  Spending most of her adult life “on the set of the film _____”?  People randomly making documentaries and writing books about her family and her life and sh*t?  She says stuff like this without even batting an eyelash.  Her grievances sounded like whining.  Descriptions of her activities sounded like pathetic bragging/name dropping/star f*cking.  Her writing is so beautiful, truly.  Just didn’t like this.


ZaatarDiva- Suheir Hammad

I love some of the poetry in this and I hate other ones.  The uban, “hard” voice she puts on at times sounded contrived and even kind of silly.  I loved “Lipstick” and “My Father Before”.  The Def Poetry stuff, you can keep.


Women Beware Women- Thomas Middleton

Was pleasantly surprised by this!  I really liked it.  Everybody died in the end, and I laughed a lot.  one of my favorites so far this term.


Shell Shaker- LeAnne Howe

I couldn’t, for the life of me get into this.  I felt like I was watching cardboard cutout of the characters instead of actual, whole people.  I understand that Howe’s choice to leave some of the history/background of her characters a mystery was intentional, but it drove me a little nuts.  I also didn’t like the constant flashing back and forth, little jumps then big jumps.  It made me tired.

Currently Reading:


A Week in December- Sebastian Faulks

About half way through this and I’m still enjoying it.  The info about John Veals and his little financial world is dry and boring, but that’s just because I’m not particularly interested in that type of thing.  I can already see how these characters are coming together (Spike and Finn, Jenni and the lawyer) but it’s not clear exactly how.


The Terror- Dan Simmons

This book crawls along.  Very. Very. Slowly.  It’s dense.  the writing is excellent and Simmons research for the novel is impressive.  I love Capt. Crozier.  I hope he doesn’t get killed by a monster.  I’m only about 100 pages in to this 800 page book.  I hope it gets scary.


I’ll Be There- Holly Goldberg Sloan

This is a good story so far.  It’s YA so it’s pretty easy to see where things are headed, but I’m enjoying getting there.  I like Sloan’s sparse rhetoric and the emotional rawness of everything.  Sam is handsome.  Yeah, I get it.  That’s dumb.  You don’t have to mention his male-modelness every other page.  Christ.


The Duchess of Malfi- John Webster

Golly, I’m glad this is almost over.  This was awful to read and even worse to see a staged reading of.  Bodies made of wax-people thinking they’ve turned into wolves-apricots that put women in labor-getting poisoned when kissing a book….really?  The plot barely makes sense and it goes on FOREVER.  Boring and just terrible.  IMO.