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So before Christmas, doing some shopping with my sister, we wandered into Ulta and I spotted this little skincare set :


Mario Badescu Anti-Aging Kit, $30.00. 

I have heard great things about the Mario Badescu line and with the fantastic price I thought I would get it and save it until after the holidays to use it.

Now I have used this stuff morning and night for a few weeks, and I’m ready to review:

Glycolic Foaming Cleanser:  A thin texture, kinda like liquid soap, and a really medicinal, sterile kinda scent.  Not my favorite.  After about a week of use, this stuff broke me out,straight down the center of my face.  I think I had four pimples at one point, which for me, is a lot.  They all happened at once and then went away.  After that, it did seem to get better, but I don’t think I’m going to stick with this product.  I don’t appreciate the smell and it was very drying on my skin, the kind of thing that almost hurt if I didn’t follow up immediately with moisturizer.  Moving on.

Glycolic Acid Toner:  Like the color 🙂  Don’t like the dispenser 😦  the hole in the top of the bottle is way too big, so just a little squeeze on a cotton pad and you’ve got too much.  I DO like this toner though. I noticed a difference immediately in the overall tone and texture of my skin, especially around my nose.  It does a good job of shrinking up those pores.  Again, it was drying, even burning a little, but not too bad.  I think I am going to stick with this, even if I do end up moving on to a different skin care line.

Collagen Moisturizer SPF 15: This stuff, I like.  I used Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer religiously for a while, but I like the smell and texture of this better.  You know how moisturizers with sunscreen sometimes have that super white filmy look that messes with the color of your skin?  This stuff seems to blend in much better, not leaving as much sunscreeny whiteness.  It’s a tiny bit thicker than the Kiehl’s, but I like it like that, especially in winter.  I may get this again.

Super Collagen Mask:  A greenish, thick soupy kinda mask with a clay texture.  Love the smell though, it smells like Chai tea 🙂  The size tub in this set only allowed for 2 applications (I’m a LIBERAL mask put-er on-er) but I liked the results.  My skin felt smooth and soft.  I did see my redness situation get a little better, but AGAIN- a little drying, needed moisturizer.  immediately.  I don’t know if I will ever buy this again, but I like it.

Glycolic Eye Cream:  What the Blue F*ck is this stuff about?  This eye cream is DISGUSTING.  It was grainy (??!!)and weird, didn’t absorb well and didn’t seem to do anything.  I continued to use it for a while, but then quit.  I’m hoping something was wrong with my product (like it had gotten too hot or cold and separated, or was expired, because if this is what the stuff is actually like….wow.  Awful.

In short, Eye cream and Cleanser- boo.

mask and misturizer- yay.