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I think I was 12 when my best friend told me I had “stubby” eyelashes. I didn’t really take offense to it, I just laughed it off, but it DID stick with me. Years later when we were both in High School, I was still saying to her when we got into silly arguments: Remember when you told me I had STUBBY F*CKING EYELASHES???!!!”
As I got older though, I realized she was kinda right. For how thick and dark my hair is, my eyelashes don’t get very long or very full naturally….I had to work to get them longer and thicker, and they still have their moments where they shed and I have to start all over again.

ANYWAY- here are some of the things I did to achieve and maintain long, thick lashes:

Avoid mascara for a while! I know some might be like “no sh*t”, and for others no mascara is some kind of a death sentence, but seriously if you can keep your eyelashes bare for a few weeks, do it!! Some mascaras claim to be “conditioning” but most actually just dry them out and cause breakage.

Remove eye makeup CAREFULLY! Another “no sh*t” piece of advice, but hey, it’s amazing how many don’t do it. Find gentle or all natural eye makeup remover. I use this stuff:

Bioderma_Crealine H2O 1

Don’t pull at the clumps on your lashes -instead close your eye, press a soft cotton pad against your lashes, hold for a few seconds to let it soak in and then wipe down with short strokes instead of across. When you wipe across, you’re pulling mascara thats gotten on the pad through the rest of your lashes. That Makey No Sensey. lol.

Find a conditioning treatment or lash enhancer that works for you. It doesn’t have to be prescription or expensive. Follow the directions carefully, and stick to the plan. Most treatments cause massive shedding before nice, soft long lashes grow in, so be patient! Even if you think you aren’t getting results or its making them worse, stick with it for the recommended amount of time. I use this stuff:


When you do use mascara, I recommend switching it up. I use 4 or 5 different brands so I’m never using the same chemicals again and again on my lashes, and that seems to help.

Avoid falsies as well. They look great when they’re on, but just like mascara, eyelash glue can be severely drying and just not good for your lashes. If you DO choose to wear them, soften the glue with a warm soapy washcloth pressed on the lash line or gentle makeup remover before pulling the lashes off and that will hopefully prevent some lost lashes.

good luck in your quest for perdy eyelashes.