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I am HORRIFIED at what my weight is at right now. Everyone told me to not worry about baby weight and it would come off eventually, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was so careful during pregnancy about giving Baby Girl the right foods while she was growing, that throughout my pregnancy I actually dropped 15 from my original weight, basically resulting in only a very slight gain (due to Baby Girl’s weight and amniotic fluid and such). I was so stoked about this!
Then after she was born, I dropped more weight seemingly without even trying. It wasn’t until I stopped breastfeeding that I started gaining, and now due to overeating and lack of exercise and hormonal changes and medication, I’ve really done a number on myself, and gained 13 pounds. So that’s going to be my first goal- to lose the 13 pounds I’ve gained since stopping breast feeding in June. I’m going to shoot for a 2-3 pound a week loss, but I won’t consider a 1 pound loss a failure either.

I have really not been trying very hard lately. I’m quickly learning that my weakness isn’t so much food as it is alcohol. I don’t count alcohol calories at ALL, and I’ve been made aware that booze can make you put on weight very quickly. I need to set a goal of 1 glass a wine a night and stick to it.

Our family eats healthy. We occasionally have a pizza night or tacos, but usually we eat lean meat, whole grains, vegetables, fruit and low fat dairy. I think this really is a winning combination, but I eat too much of all that good stuff, so I don’t lose any weight. I need to stick to a 1100-1200 calorie diet and a half hour or some form of exercise a day.
Another thing I’d like to commit to is writing down what I eat. I always feel I do better when I do that and it helps me catch my mistakes when I’m making food choices.

How do people do it? How do they devote themselves to eating right and working out when there’s already not enough time in the day, and so few things to look forward to? I am clueless about it. I’ve tried before, but I think my approach has always been wrong- I’ve always been on a “diet”, made the no-no list, tortured myself working out…For once, I’d like to do something that works, and make changes that stick so I can be a good role model for my daughter.

There’s nothing more important to me than that.