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These turned out fantastic tonight- the perfect balance of spicy hot and peppery hot.

...aaand done! with sweet corn and twice baked potatoes!

…aaand done! with sweet corn and twice baked potatoes!

per 3 bone-in pork chops, I used:

3 TSP. cumin
1 TSP. chili powder
4 TSP. dehydrated onion
1 TSP. cornstarch
1/2 TSP. white pepper
1 TSP. chili powder
2 TSP. garlic powder
1 TSP. oregano
1 TSP. paprika
1/2 TSP. cajun seasoning

– add all the above ingredients in an oversized bowl and mix together, coat the pork chops completely.

Then for the MARINADE:
1/2 cup of your favorite BBQ sauce
4 TBSP. lemon juice
1 TBSP. worcestershire sauce
-add all these ingredients to a large bowl, wisk together completely. Place your dry rub coated chops into a gallon sized zip lock bag and pour the marinade in. Turn the bag over a few times to ensure that the chops are coated. Stick in the fridge for 1-3 hours.
-Coat your grill (or pan) with a little oil or PAM and set the heat to medium. Allow the grill or pan to heat up for a few minutes, then place chops in allowing them to cook uncovered for 5-8 minutes. Turn and cook another 5-8 minutes. After this point, you can cook to your liking- if you like stuff seared, like we do, I used a Griddler Gourmet by Cuisinart to get a nice dark grill pattern on top.
Through the grilling process, you are likely to lose some of those delightful diced onions, which were great pulled right from the grill and spread on top again, trust me 🙂

southern bone-in pork chops in the grill.

southern bone-in pork chops in the grill.