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After the initial shock of finding out I was pregnant wore off, one of the first things I started thinking about was turning our spare room into a nursery. At first, I think I thought about it a lot just to avoid all those anxious and stressful feelings I had about having and raising a child.

I hadn’t spent any time around babies. In fact, when they put my daughter in my arms after she was born was the first time I had ever held a baby. I just felt overwhelmed and terrified by the idea, and throwing myself into nursery planning was an excellent distraction.

After a few weeks though, I realized I was having so much fun doing it and that in a weird way, it actually helped me to get over those fears and to look forward to having a child, because creating a nursery just the way I wanted it and filling it with all the things I thought I would need calmed me and made me feel prepared.

Even though I found out I was having a girl by the time I was 3 1/2 months along, I knew I wanted to go a little more gender neutral with a primary color scheme that could easily incorporate the colors of the gifts she had already gotten and would keep on getting in the future.

Glider & Ottoman: Baby Relax.  Side table, wardrobe, picture frame shelves, toy cubbies, changing table and crib: IKEA.

Glider & Ottoman: Baby Relax. Side table, wardrobe, picture frame shelves, toy cubbies, changing table and crib: IKEA.

I decided on the main pieces of furniture, the curtains and the carpeting first. I picked out the squares from IKEA and after trying a thousand different patterns, decided they looked best in stripes that were horizontal if you were standing in the doorway. The curtains, upholstery of the chair and ottoman, changing table cover and quilts are all custom made- all the fabrics are from JoAnn’s except for the white Paddington Bear rain boot fabric on the chair, from Ebay.

I wanted a nursery that also featured books too. I had seen photos of book nook type areas created in nurseries before, with heavy duty white shelves that went floor to ceiling and liked the idea, but thought the look was overwhelming and too busy. I also didn’t want to deal with books being super high or super low to the ground, and hard cover books falling off high shelves. I went with these super light, easy to install picture frame shelves from IKEA, and only line soft cover books on them.

I saved one shelf for over the changing table, where photos of myself and my husband as a baby are mixed in with photos from Baby Girls birth.

I really love this room, and I hope as she grows older, she loves it too. I am going to let her change it however she wants, whenever she wants. My parents pretty much let me do that to my own room, and I felt comfortable and safe in a space I could create just for me.