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A wonderfully uneventful day yesterday- skipped my first class of the day because I’m a lazy b*tch and wanted to sleep, then had to make it to Jacobean Drama to turn in a paper and also didn’t want to miss out on a lecture wrapping up The Tragedy of Mariam, which I ended up seriously loving!
We watched a few minutes of a documentary from the UK about adapting The Tragedy of Mariam to the stage, and although I thought some parts were cool, I think I really prefer hearing it read aloud or reading it silently as opposed to watching it performed. The outward focus of the production itself seemed to take away from the fact that the whole drama is pretty much about the inner turmoil/conflict of the characters.
Got out at about 1 o’clock and had some time before a dr.’s appointment to do some shopping and run some errands-

jan 31 shopping

Did some shopping for a friend @ Powells’ Home and Garden for get well soon gift and came across those socks- seeing as my friend has to have a major surgery that is seriously going to inconvenience her for possibly 6 months, I thought the socks seemed appropriate 🙂
Then ran next door to Pastaworks and did some wine shopping for the weekend- more on the wines later 🙂

Meeting with the dr. went well. She gave me some really great tips about controlling my anxiety that I’m planning on trying over the next few weeks. We’ll see how that goes.