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Glossybox arrived Yesterday! This was really a pretty good one to start off the new year.
Quite a few of the last boxes have had random weirdness in them (shades of lipstick or eyeshadow that will never be used) or random cheapyness in them (a packet of moist toilettes? Really?)


-I haven’t tried the Toni & Guy texturizing spray, but I love the Toni & Guy line, especially Bedhead. I have used the Soy Renewal Sea Spray from Healthy Sexy Hair so I’m gonna assume that this is probably close to that. Has a light, fruity scent which I like less than the Healthy Sexy Hair Sea Spray, but I’m willing to give it a shot.
-Here’s the f*cking thing: Beautyblenders are awesome. With a tiny bit of water added to the sponge, they are really fantastic for applying any type of base cosmetic, especially if you tend to have a heavy hand and put on too much, these magical little doohickies allow for an even distribution. As far as the cost goes- the full size Beautyblender plus a small bottle of BeautyBlender Cleanser alone is worth the price of the box.
-I’m still unsure about the Balance Me body wash. I have never used this brand of product. The packaging says juniper, geranium, lavender fragrance, but I can’t really detect much of a scent at all.
-I have used a few different samples of Vichy from Beauty.com in the past, and I have liked most of their products, my favorite being the Hydrating Fortifying lotion. This seems like a richer, more hydrating lotion minus the sunscreen. Has a very silky feel and a very clean, old fashioned kind of scent that smells a bit like Pond’s Cold Cream. I am looking forward to trying it out. Also, the packaging is pretty lux, which is cool.
-I have gotten a few Bellapierre cosmetics in my monthly subscriptions with BeautyBox 5, Ipsy Glam Bag and Glossy Box and I gotta say…I don’t like them. They have huge color pay off which is nice, but because everything comes in this ridiculously fine powder form, they are harder to control and have a tone of fallout. I got the Mineral Blush in shade Desert Rose, which looks pretty and is a dusty, darker pink with a slight shimmer to it. It’s cool to finally get a color by Bellapierre that I will use, seeing as the last few I’ve gotten have been some pretty heinous eyeshadows.